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Checking in: Hotel Partana in Valle de Guadalupe [video]

Bask in the natural glow of the sun setting over the hills of Valle de Guadalupe— with a glass of Baja wine in hand at the region’s latest Hotel Partana

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Watch: Animalón's 2018 Valle de Guadalupe season is here!

The temperatures are rising, and so is Animalón’s outdoor kitchen -- underneath the 100+ year old oak tree at Finca Altozano, in Valle de Guadalupe. Proprietor/Chef Javier Plascencia and Executive Chef Oscar Torres have composed travel-worthy dishes featuring local ingredients honoring the region for the restaurant's 2018 Spring season.

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Where to Stay: Valle de Guadalupe

One of the frequently asked questions around L&F is, "where do you stay in Valle de Guadalupe?". Because sharing is caring, we've compiled a list of some solid and reputable lodging options in Valle de Guadalupe. Remember, the Valle de Guadalupe is always changing, and each year the lodging options continue to grow.

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