Stay + Eat: 5 food-focused hotels in Valle de Guadalupe

What’s great about Valle de Guadalupe are the immense options to make it a food + drink focused getaway. The region is blessed by two surrounding oceans, a thriving wine producing community, olive oil making, cheese making, excellent produce, a solid craft beer scene, and we can go on-and-on. We know that it can become somewhat intimidating to plan an itinerary. Luckily, there are various food-focused hotels in the region that will help to ease it all. The following 5 hotels not only excel in hospitality and design, but they are also conveniently located within a few walking steps to world-class dining. Stay here, stay awhile, and enjoy the serene and delectable lifestyle of ‘The Valle’.

Bruma + Fauna

Bruma blends rustic with elegance. An exquisite stay at this B&B is complete with lush vineyard views, poolside bliss, and perfectly designed retreat. Fauna, one of the hottest spots in Valle de Guadalupe lead by Chef David Castro Hussong delivers an inventive food experience.

Bonus: Adjacent to the restaurant, the property’s tasting room, designed by Alejandro D’Acosta, is an eye-full of stunning architecture, keeping nature and features of the region’s land into the dimly lit space.

La Villa del Valle + Corazón de Tierra

To experience true Valle de Guadalupe hospitality you must stay at Eileen + Phil Gregory’s B&B La Villa del Valle. Compliment the experience with a reservation at Corazón de Tierra by Chef Diego Hernandez, whose menu is dictated by the property’s garden and the seasons. Colorful dishes that are sure to heighten the senses.

Bonus: Troika food truck and Vena Cava winery are located in the same property. The Troika food truck serves up pub style dishes like their well-known lechón tacos, sliders, and octopus tostadas. Wash it all down with a refreshing craft beer from Ensenada’s Wendlandt brewery.

Hotel Partana + Animalón

Hotel Partana is one to the latest additions to the growing roster of lodging options in Valle de Guadalupe. Sharp wooden angles blend perfectly with the region’s terrain. Just a hop away is Chef Javier Plascencia’s Animalón, a fine dining seasonal restaurant under a centennial oak tree. A one of a kind experience, with views of the property’s expansive vineyards.

Bonus: Finca Altozano, ¡Lupe!, and Das Cortez are located on the same property. You can enjoy a casual family style meal with wood- fired dishes, grab a torta made with in-house made Telera rolls, and a coffee all within footsteps of each other.

Encuentro Guadalupe + Origen

A stay at Encuentro Guadalupe is one that is truly unique in the region. The hotel is made up of 22 lofts set in the hillside, each designed for pure bliss. Each loft has its own private terrace, with a personal chimney, perfect for the starry nights in Valle de Guadalupe. The experience is meant to enjoy the regions surroundings, by taking in all of nature around, whether it be the view from your personal loft, or poolside at the property’s infinity pool.

The property’s restaurant Origen, led by Chef Omar Valenzuela, highlights the region’s ingredients, with each dish full of textures and colors. Their menu offers a tasting menu of 3,6, or 9 courses. Make sure to visit wine tasting room, which features an underground cellar tour open to visitors with a reservation.

Bonus: Encuentro Guadalupe also features Raw, a shellfish-focused outdoor restaurant. You can also book a tasting of their labels.

Cuatro Cuatros + Bar Bura

Cuatro Cuatros brings luxury camping to Ensenada, with fully furnished tents, including its own bathroom and shower. Relax on your personal deck with a glass of local wine in hand. While staying at Cuatro Cuatros you must take the quick bus trip up to the property’s Bar Bura. Enjoy your drink of choice, and small plates, all the while taking in some truly surreal sunsets overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Bonus: You can schedule activities such as horseback riding, nature hikes, mountain biking, and scenic trail walks through the property’s vineyards during your stay at Cuatro Cuatros.