Encuentro Guadalupe


We have been day dreaming about the eco-lofts and expansive views of Valle de Guadalupe since our last visit to Hotel Endemico. This time around we got to witness the growth, and truly learn and experience about what really makes up this magical place.

We sat down surrounded by stainless steel fermentation tanks, with little pops of the outside views peeking through. Architect Luis Pereira explained the idea behind what is now Encuentro Guadalupe, and how it came about. Encuentro Guadalupe was built around the beautiful nature and structures that were previously there. We really got to witness this, when we were brought down to their wine cellar. There are three giant boulder-like rocks, perfectly lined up. These were there before they began construction, and were left untouched during the progress.

The three factors behind the design of Encuentro Guadalupe comes from nature, art, and trade. The nature part speaks for itself. When you stay at these eco-lofts, you are out in the middle of nature. You will be walking on dirt and rocks, to get to the pool, and you will hear and see different animals during your stay. This is the beauty of it. This can also be defined as 'glamping'. You have modern ammenities, all the while taking in the natural scenery, and elements of Valle de Guadalupe.

The art comes in with the overall architecture. Endemico Resguardo Silvestre includes the 20 eco-lofts designed by Graciastudio, and operated by Grupo Habita, as well as their winery, restaurant Origen, and the residential Eco-Villa. The minimal and sleek design is just brilliant, and still has me ooh and ahh each time I see it.

The trade factor comes into part, with the art exhibitions, and seasonal farmers markets that are held at Encuentro. Over 20 amazing pieces by artist Xawery Wolski, will be shown throughout this year beginning this month. Local artisans and producers sell and offer samples of olive oil, a variety of jams, salsas, and other handmade goods. You can also find some of these products for sale in their Lobby/Bar area.

Hugo D' Acosta leads the winery, that includes 11 acres of vineyards. We were introduced to their 2012 Flora- Sauvignon Blanc, and their 2011 Fauna- A blend of five grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Nebiolo, and Merlot. The wine tasting bar is open to the public, groups can also schedule an appointment to view the underground cellar.

During a stay at Hotel Endemico, each of the eco-lofts include a mini wine fridge filled with 2 bottles each of their red and white wines. Noshing on local olives, while sipping a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon on your private balcony area, just taking in the fresh air and surrounding greenery, really is something else.

The property's restaurant Origen is open, and serving up plates varying from salads with lettuce picked right from the garden, to locally caught fish, and a few desserts to choose from.

With the warmer temperatures coming into play, you absolutely can not avoid paying a visit to the infinity pool. Cool off with an ice cold local craft beer, or a glass of crisp white wine. The bar at the pool also offers breakfast in the morning, as well as some smaller plates to enjoy throughout the day. I could go for an order of their guacamole and totopos as we speak.

I mean can you really resist ending your day out on your private balcony area, with a glass of wine in hand, fire lit, and a canopy of the star lit sky up above you? I know that we weren't able to.

Encuentro Guadalupe Km. 75 Carretera Tecate-Ensenada 22750 Ensenada, Baja California +52 646 155 2775