Fauna Restaurante: Valle de Guadalupe's new regional gem


Our last visit to Bruma nearly two years ago, left us yearning for another trip back, before we even crossed the border back into the US. We were told all about the new and exciting projects to come, on this already beyond gorgeous property. As soon as we heard about the opening of their new restaurant Fauna, we immediately looked at our calendar to try and squeeze in a meal sooner rather than later.

You know me, when I walk into a space feeling inspired before I’ve even grabbed a seat at a table, my expectations are usually set pretty high. I still remember how much beauty that each room held on the Bruma property, and Fauna followed right at the same pace with vibrant tile accents, recycled wood family style tables, and floor to ceiling glass windows. I love the open kitchen concept, there’s just something about watching your food being prepared that still  gets me excited. We ordered the experimental menu, which has Chef David Castro Hussong bringing out an eight course meal, himself, explaining dish by dish. The afternoon turned into early evening as we enjoyed beautifully plated dishes filled with local Baja ingredients like oysters, blood clams, centollo, and Kampachi aguachile tostadas. The three tier platter that held the first course was more than stunning. Oh, copper, you get me every time. Speaking of stunning, the glassware! I need all of it, now. It’s these details, that truly remain long lasting for me. 


The meal continued on with an abalone taco, with a mustard sauce that worked just perfectly with it. Have you ever had chayote lasagna? If the answer is no, you most definitely need it in your life. The slight crunch from the chayote, and the melty cheese are like the best friends that they never knew they had. I loved that there were unique dishes placed throughout the meal too, like the asparagus broth and chia palate cleanser, and the salted flan studded with pieces of Mackerel, and fried seaweed. If you are a lover of textures in your dishes, this meal is sure to elevate your senses.

Oh, and I can not forget about the dessert. I thoroughly enjoyed the semifreddo de maíz, and what I would like to refer as the “crunchie bar” bite at the very end of the meal. Honeycomb and chocolate together, are one of my all time favorite sweet combinations.

Fauna, you sure are a stunner! Valle de Guadalupe has always been a super magical place to me, and even more so when gems like these keep popping up.


Fauna Restaurante
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Carretera Ensenada -Tecate km. 73.5 #3
Valle de Guadalupe, 22750

+52 1 (646) 1168031