Vía Mercado

Via Mercado, Tijuana Chef Javier Plascencia brings yet another gem to the gorgeous Via Corporativo building in Tijuana. Meet Via Mercado Estilo Tijuana. You can not only eat to your hearts content, but there you can also find local cheeses, brews and wines from the Baja California region under one roof.

The interiors of the space are bright and inviting, and the smells are so intoxicating. It's the lovely details such as the chandelier pictured below, and flatware lining the front of the counters in "La Fruiteria", that truly express the time and effort that goes into the design and planning of the space.

The stool seating is intimate, and some of the most comfortable stools that I have ever sat in. It is exactly the type of eatery that I could see us spending some quality time over hearty dishes with close friends and family.

Via Mercado, Tijuana Via Mercado, Tijuana Via Mercado, Tijuana Via Mercado, Tijuana Via Mercado, Tijuana

Tacos de guisado are an ultimate form of comfort food. Whether it's because of the cooler winter temperatures, or the fact that you just get a craving, it's that "hug" that you get when eating this food that keeps you coming back for more. We ordered one of each of the guisados offered that evening at Via Mercado, and chose to have them in taco form. We enjoyed a taco de fideo seco, machaca de res, pancita en salsa roja, and carne con papas. You may also choose to use any of the guisados as a filling for a torta or burrito. It's not easy to pick favorites, in these types of "taco situations'. but I did find myself going back for more bites of the Machaca. With that being said, each and every one was perfectly satisfying.

Via Mercado also offers comida corrida, with options varying from a Chile Relleno and Cremita de Zanahoria to meatloaf and a side salad.  Via Mercado, Tijuana Via Mercado, Tijuana

We couldn't help but resist a hot cup of Colombian coffee from the brew bar, and a Pistachio macaron right next door at La Stazione. I even woke up that next morning, craving that exact cup of coffee, and most likely will be until we make our next visit.

I guess that my espresso machine will have to suffice for now.

Via Mercado, Tijuana Via Mercado, Tijuana

Vía Mercado Misión San Javier 10643 Piso 2 Zona Urbana Río, Tijuana, B.C. (664) 634-7603

Open Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-10:00pm

Friday-Saturday: 8:00am-11:00pm

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