Taquería Hipódromo

Taquería Hipódromo - TijuanaTaquería Hipódromo - Tijuana Stopping for tacos as soon as we cross the border into Tijuana is a must. We always vary on exactly where we are going to eat, but Taquería Hipódromo has been one of many of our taco stops for years.  It was almost always our late night taco fix, after a long night out. We have always ordered their Carne Asada tacos. They are all around great tacos, full of plenty of smoky carne asada, creamy avocado, and garnished with fresh salsa. You can choose to add any of their three  housemade salsas, as well as beans if your heart desires. I have found that their salsas don't have too much heat to them. They have a great flavor, but I love my tacos to have a kick to them. Taquería Hipódromo - Tijuana We only had two tacos this visit, so there was still room to share a mulita. Sandwiched between to fresh corn tortillas you will find melty cheese, carne asada, and their creamy avocado. Squirt on some lime juice, and then garnish it with some salsa. Who can go wrong with that combination of flavors and textures.

Taquería Hipódromo also offers indoor seating, if you aren't in the mood to stand and eat, or you just want to enjoy your tacos with friends.

Taquería Hipódromo Avenida Hipodromo, Tijuana, Baja California