Tacos N' Salsas

Tacos N Salsas - TijuanaTacos N Salsas - Tijuana Tacos N' Salsas offers a variety of tacos, but their top sirloin option is one of their biggest stars in show. There are so many different places to stop for tacos in Tijuana, and each and every place has their own personality and characteristics. Each and every individual has their own preferences, and stops that some even make daily. Pull up, Sit down at one of their tables (or stand) and begin to create your own masterpiece. If for some reason you aren't in the mood for a taco, they also offer kebabs. We went for the taco experience, but I would love to try their kebabs the next time around. You start with the base of either a flour or corn tortilla. This time I opted for flour, because it's very rare that I get a flour tortilla when we are out eating tacos. Next up comes the meat of your choice. I have to say that their top sirloin was so well seasoned, that if you don't choose to add a salsa for any reason, there is plenty of flavor in the taco. They include beans in their tacos, but you can always choose to omit them, and of course a healthy serving of avocado. When offered I love the addition of beans, it adds a nice hearty and creamy texture. Antonio also chose to add a charred chile, which for some might just be the right amount of heat. Being that it is in the name, they also offer a nice variety of colorful homemade salsas, that they line up from mild to their spiciest. With these tacos as much as I craved another, one was the perfect serving. Tacos N Salsas - Tijuana Tacos N Salsas - Tijuana