Tacos Aaron - Alta Cocina Urbana

Tacos Aaron - TijuanaTacos Aaron - Tijuana

We try to make it to Tijuana at least every other weekend. One of the major attractions: The tacos. I am all about trying new places, and will gladly take any suggestions. Our friend Efren is close childhood friends with the son of Aaron, and they have been raving about these tacos for the longest time. Why didn't we go sooner? I have absolutely no idea, but I can tell you that we will definitely be back more often.

Tacos Aaron offers a variety of tacos, or otherwise known as "tacos varios."  We showed up in the morning, and there was already a group of people. They are known to run out of certain tacos quickly, so the earlier you go, the better. These tacos are really something different than those at a typical taco stand. You can really see and taste the dedication and love that goes into each and every taco. These tacos take "comfort food" to a new level.

Taco dorado de birria - Tacos Aaron en Tijuana Taco dorado de Birria

You can choose to have a soft corn or flour tortilla, as well as a fried hard taco. We opted for the fried hard tacos on two out of the three, which added a great texture to the overall taco. Their beef birria had a nice flavor, and a great option to order if you don't necessarily feel adventurous at the moment. Let the Birria be your "gateway" taco, and lead you into what the world of Tacos Varios has to offer.

Taco dorado de chicharrón - Tacos Aaron en Tijuana Taco dorado de chicharrón

Their chicharrón is drenched in a salsa, which had a bit of heat to it, but not enough to keep you from devouring every last bite. We rarely order the fried hard tacos when we eat tacos in TJ, but I have to admit it was a nice change. Even though this taco had a bite to it, you could still taste all of the delightful flavors together.

Taco de milanesa de Tacos Aaron - Tijuana Taco de milanesa

This was a delicious taco, and might have been my favorite of the day. It is hard to decide between this one, and the taco de  chicharrón. The meat on this taco is slightly breaded, and also covered in the salsa that was with the  chicharrón. I loved that there was a bit of lettuce to add an extra crunch, because we all now that textures are a great thing.

Bill Esparza from Street Gourmet LA and Damien Cave from the New York Times

We also had the pleasure of meeting Bill Esparza (Street Gourmet LA)  and Damien Cave (Correspondent for the New York Times- Mexico Division) at Tacos Aaron. It was such a nice coincidence to run into them at that point in time. We had a nice discussion about Tijuana, and of course the amazing food that comes along with this city.