Mariscos Yujajay


Spring is just around the corner, and the warmer weather is in full swing. In the midst of higher temperatures comes the yearning for delicious mariscos, and icy cold refreshments. Having our lives and time being split in between Tijuana and San Diego, often times has us running errands on both sides. Whether we cross to visit Antonio's side of the family, or just fill our stomachs that are yearning for tacos, and even just the smell of charcoal burning the air, we head to Tijuana. Of course we have our favorite spots that we visit time and time again, but it's the times that we find new little gems that make for just that much more excitement.

Meet Mariscos Yujajay. Their current location in Tijuana's Colonia Ermita has only been up and running for a few short months. Prior to taking up shop on their busy street corner, they were located at a tiny restaurant just a few blocks down the way. They love their new location, and the interaction with the public, which was very apparent during our visit.

We grabbed a seat at the shade covered table, and were immediately greeted with friendly hellos, and a cup of fish consomé. Their menu offers items ranging from Cahuamanta to traditional battered fish tacos. We went ahead and ordered their "Te Acordaras" and "The Chuck Norris."

teacordaras-yujajay We definitely will be remembering the camarón encebollado taco. Plump shrimp sautéed in butter, and topped with rich caramelized onions, and a nice drizzle of their chile de arbol and olive oil salsa. I absolutely love caramelized onions, and you know what? They absolutely do work with seafood! I have had them on both raw ceviche dishes, as well as cooked preparations, such as this taco, and again I must say yes, they are wonderful!

chucknorristaco-yujajay Another one of their featured tacos is "The Chuck Norris". Sometimes you just don't worry about asking why the name, and simply just dive in. The smoked Marlin stew was tender, and the bits of onions and peppers added lovely bursts of flavor.

This is only the beginning. There will be many more trips to this stand, with more mariscos cravings to be satisfied.

Mariscos Yujajay Calle Alba Roja and Ramón Lopez Velarde Tijuana, Baja California | MAP

Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm