Burritos D'Sonora

Let's talk a little bit about one of my guilty pleasures, that I can never seem to turn down. Meet the fresh flour tortilla. I mean, how can you resist a warm flour tortilla right off of the heat? I'm not talking about just any store bought flour tortillas. I'm talking about the real deal here folks.

We pulled up to D'Sonora stomachs rumbling, and lured in by the smell of the big bowls of flour tortilla dough proofing, just about to be made into tortillas for the busy lunch rush. The Trujillo family, which owns this little spot hails from Granados, Sonora. We showed up just before noon, and Enrique told us that all of the dough sitting on the counter would soon become tortillas for both guisado filled burritos, as well as being sold by the dozen during their busiest time of the day.

We pulled up a stool at the window, and ordered away. They offer a variety of guisados each day, which a couple of them had already been sold out by mid day. We couldn't help but order a few different ones to try. We went with the, Carne con Chile Colorado, Frijoles Puercos, Deshebrada con Papa and Rajas con Queso. You may be thinking, wow 4 burritos, but that is the beauty of these traditional burritos. A flour tortilla is filled with one guisado, and you are good to go. My favorites were the burritos filled with Deshebrada con Papa, and the Frijoles Puercos.

I am pretty sure that I turned my head for just one second, and poof!... a Cajeta filled Coyota was sitting in front of me. The flaky cookie and the sweet cajeta together as one, my oh my! I had to tell Antonio to get in on some bites before Giovanni and I polished it off for ourselves.

D'Sonora also sells their own bags of dried machaca, of course fresh flour tortillas, as well as homemade salsas. We came home with a bottle of their Chile de Arbol salsa, which barely lasted through the week. Needless to say we will be back for more of that, and I am dying to try their Cafe de la Olla.

D'Sonora Calle 10 #9089-B Zona Centro, Tijuana BC (664)200-2378