Romesco Baja Med Bistro


My husband and I have been telling each other for honestly over a year now that we need to eat at Romesco. It's very close by,  and I really don't know what took us so long. We decided to have lunch there on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The service was excellent, and the food was everything that I hoped it would be, and more. We decided  on ordering a few of their well known tapas. Romesco Baja Med Bistro - Sourdough Baguette

I am not one to sit here and rave about bread, because most of the time I don't like to fill up on it while waiting for the main courses to arrive, but this bread definitely deserved some attention of its own. It was so fresh! The outside had the perfect crispy crust, and the inside was soft and almost delicate. My son was also a complete fan of it. The olive oil and balsamic vinegar that come along side to dip it in, rounded out the whole "bread: experience quite nicely.

Beef Filet Mignon Carpaccio

Romesco Baja Med Bistro - Filet Mignon Carpaccio Beef Carpaccio is one of my all time favorites. I haven't had the pleasure of enjoying a plate of carpaccio in a long time, but this one made up for all of the time missed. This thinly sliced raw Filet Mignon was topped with shaved Parmiggiano, Baby Arugula, Balsamic Vinegar, and fried capers. I have to say this was my first time having fried capers, and I instantly fell in love. They add a bit of a crunch to the briny beauties, that is oh so tasty. I could have sat there and eaten every last bit, which I basically did, but I had to save some room for what came next.

Jamon Serrano & Cheddar Cheese Croquettes

Romesco Baja Med Bistro - Jamon Serrano and Cheddar Cheese Croquettes The Jamon Serrano and Cheddar Cheese croquettes were little bites full of salty, creamy, and a light crunch. They were delicious and very easy to eat every last bit, if I didn't control myself.

Calamari Fritti

Romesco Baja Med Bistro - Calamari Fritti Their calamari was surprisingly light. I love when the breading doesn't take over the meaty piece of calamari. It was served with a spicy tomato sauce, and their homemade tartar sauce.

Pulpo Asado a las Brasas

Romesco Baja Med Bistro - Pulpo Asado a las Brasa I have had a craving for grilled octopus ever since I had that amazing tostada at the Festival de la Brasa. This little dish satisfied that craving perfectly. I just can not get over the gorgeous texture and flavors of grilled octopus.

Cazuelita de Cachete de Res

Romesco Baja Med Bistro - Cazuelita de Cachete de Res Romesco Baja Med Bistro - Taco de Cachete de Res Before we even arrived at the restaurant I told my husband that Beef Cheek tacos were definitely going to be on the table. I have to say that I think these are one of my all time favorite tacos. We had a little taste of them at the LA Street Food Festival, and ever since then I have been waiting to meet them again. The meat is incredibly moist and juicy. You don't even need to add the condiments, but they do enhance the whole taco experience.

There is no doubt about it, we will be returning to Romesco Baja Med Bistro. There are so many items on their menu that I can't wait to try. They also have a lot of specials during the week, and even offers on Yelp. If you are in the area, I highly suggest that you stop by Romesco for an outstanding meal and service. They also offer a great wine list, with a great selection of Baja wines. Unfortunately we didn't have any wine this time around, but there will be a next time.

Romesco Baja Med Bistro 4346 Bonita RD Bonita, CA 91902 (619)475-8627

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