Restaurante Amor

Restaurante Amor in TijuanaRestaurante Amor in Tijuana Restaurante Amor has always been our main breakfast spot for chilaquiles in Tijuana. My husband has fond memories of going as a child with my mother in law, while she would have meetings there. This restaurant has always had such a warm feeling to it. As you sit down and order your breakfast, you can just look around and see everyone enjoying themselves. Restaurante Amor just recently had a renovation, and now the inside has more of a modern feel to it. The walls are filled with old photos from throughout Tijuana, and now even sports a large flat screen tv.

Even though the restaurant gained a lot of modern touches, it hasn't lost its same old comforting feel to it. We will continue to have breakfast at this restaurant, and hope to create memories for our little one, just as they were created for Antonio. Restaurante Amor in Tijuana My husband always orders Chilaquiles Rojos, and I always order Chilaquiles Verdes. You also have a choice of chicken, eggs, or machaca on the side. I can't express how much I love their Chilaquiles. The salsas are so fresh, and each add their own personality to the plate.

I am a sucker for homemade beans, and I can't help but have a little bit on the fork with each bite. You have to get all of the flavor profiles in there right? You can taste the love that goes into the food at Restaurante Amor. I am already awaiting our next visit.

Restaurante Amor Blvd. Agua Caliente 2798-1 Col. Dávila, Tijuana