Parque Teniente Guerrero

Parque Teniente Guerrero - Tijuana, BCParque Teniente Guerrero - Tijuana, BC

Spending a gorgeous Saturday afternoon walking around Parque Teniente Guerrero is an experience, that one should plan to do at least once. As soon as you walk up to the park, you will hear music blasting, and see families gathered into their own groups just relaxing and taking in the surroundings. This is such a wonderful place to just sit and people watch. The culture, colors, and even the aromas of the different food vendors will suck you right in. This is a great place for families, and I am sure that every child has at least had one of the balloon/punching ball rice contraptions. Giovanni for one could not help himself, and immediately fell in love with the Toy Story themed one.

If you have worked up an appetite, like I always do, there are a variety of foods you can try. There is an array of  options from Tacos to Raspados, and even sugar cane. We made our first stop for some grilled corn. We asked for everything on it, which included a squirt of fresh lime juice, cheese, and chile powder that the woman rubbed into the corn with the husk. Grilled corn is one of my all time favorite snacks, and this one was absolutely delicious. Parque Teniente Guerrero - Tijuana, BC Parque Teniente Guerrero - Tijuana, BC Parque Teniente Guerrero - Tijuana, BC

Who can resist stopping for a Paleta de limón?  I have to say it was a bit hard to choose from the flavor selection in the little ice cream cart. Such a little cart contained so many delightful flavors. Lime seemed the most refreshing to me at the moment, but I know that we will be back to try the other flavors offered.

Parque Teniente Guerrero - Tijuana, BC Parque Teniente Guerrero - Tijuana, BC

Our final stop was at a little street cart  for Tacos al vapor. The man running the cart told us that this cart had been in business for over 60 years. I love seeing these little carts that have a history behind them, and the fact they are serving the same item since day one. Yes, the people working there may have changed, but you can see the passion behind just one taco. The crunchy taco was full of flavor, and made it hard to stop after just one.