El Trompo


Gearing up for your child's first birthday, if not before that, you begin to anticipate his or hers first steps. You see them fall time and time again, and then before you know it they are off, and waddling away. As if you thought they could get into everything crawling, walking is now a whole new level. Fast forward to current day, where our son is almost 2, and well..running! There is not even time to blink before he has gotten over his current toy, and is on to the next object, which recently involves a lot of my kitchen tools. (Safe for his use of course, ladles, strainers, whisks..and so on.)

This summer has been unpleasantly hot at times, and if we don't make it to the park before 9 am, the slides are already scorching, and sweat begins to bead on our foreheads. Not so cute. I am always on the look out for new and exciting things to do with him, and indoors is sometimes a plus. On the weekends Antonio joins in on the fun, and often times we are on the other side of the border. Case in point, recently we had our first visit to El Trompo. El Trompo is an interactive museum located in Tijuana, where children and their families can explore the worlds of science, technology, and art. There are different levels, and even a 3D theatre where they can run free, and really be themselves. The 0-6 years room was a our favorite, and of course age appropriate. Giovanni didn't even know where to start. There was everything from finger painting on clear sculptures, an interactive car, to different areas that you could step on and various weather patterns would be exhibited. The older that Giovanni gets, the more he will appreciate the "Pretend you are a doctor or Mechanic" areas, but for now this was stimulation madness. I love not only exploring new options for him, but watching him discover the world one little step (or sprint) at a time.

"El Trompo" Interactive Museum Vía Rápida Poniente, Tercera Etapa Paseo del Parque, Tijuana BC Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM Saturday & Sunday 10AM - 6PM