Birthday Celebration in El Valle de Guadalupe


My birthday actually fell on a Saturday this year, and it could not have been more perfect. We headed down to the vineyards for a late lunch at Finca Altozano, and as far as plans after that, well there weren't any. That is the best way to go, just let the wine or your appetite lead the way. In this case, we were full from the amazing lunch at Finca Altozano, but of course that did not stop us from eating a little bit of birthday cake at Corazón de Tierra. Bougainvillea ice cream anyone?


The whole setting at Finca Altozano was just gorgeous! The weather has actually cooled down a bit, well okay so it's 85 degrees instead of 95, but honestly it makes a difference.


Once the menu was placed in front of me, I had to do my best at holding back and not ordering every single item. That is even more of a reason to go back, not that we need an excuse in any way. Take the feeling of a nice breeze blowing, chilled white wine, and assorted food options, all the while looking over vineyards... Hi, is this heaven on earth?

We thoroughly enjoyed Jamon Serrano, Pulpo a las brasas, Pato de cerdo, some of the most amazing chorizo that I have ever come across, and tacos de borrego. Oh my, and now stomach has started to growl...


Finca Altozano we will meet again. I can guarantee it.


Our friends that joined us for the day had never been to Corazón de Tierra, which is a whole other experience on its own, so we decided that it was best to head in that direction next.

We planned on just sharing a bottle of their Sauvignon Blanc, but they were so sweet as to bring me dessert with a lit candle. It was both visually striking, and divine! After being sucked into my own birthday cake bliss, we headed out (attempting to walk off calories, ha sounds a bit more productive right?) and ventured through the garden, showing our friends the beautiful land and La Villa de Valle luxury inn.


It was a weekend that I will never forget, and I especially want to thank everyone for their love and kind wishes on my special day.

Finca Altozano km. 83, Carretera No. 3 Ensenada-Tecate Valle de Guadalupe , Ensenada, BC

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