Club Tengo Hambre embarks on its first Baja Gastro Outing

This past Saturday we launched Club Tengo Hambre with our first Tijuana Gastro Tour. What better way to begin, than showing our first group three of the most innovative taco stands in Tijuana. First off, thank you to all that came along on our first adventure. It was such a fun day, and it was more than nice to meet so many new faces. You can never hear enough of all of the amazing comments. It's just that fact the everyone thoroughly enjoyed their tacos, Tamarindo martinis, Chef Javier Plascencia appearance with the tasting of the original Caesar salad..and who can forget the added bonus of the BCB Craft Beer tasting.

A special thanks to all of the stops on this tour:

Thank you El Mazateño for the amazing as always Camaron enchilado and Marlin tacos.

Thank you Tacos Kokopelli, I think the fact that people can say that they ate chapulines, and let alone enjoyed every bite is just a wonderful experience on its own. Keep doing what you are doing, you are continuing to blow people's minds with your talent and creations.

Thank you to Caesar's Restaurant, and Chef Javier Plascencia. The Tamarindo martins were divine, and the added tasting of the Caesar Salad was a hit!

Thank you to Takesos y Papas for your absolutely delicious quesataco, and taco dulce. Once again our group was astonished by these flavor combinations, and how delightful these tacos were.

Finally, thank you to the BCB Tasting room and Marco Perez! Ending the tour tasting local craft beers, rounded the day out so nicely. The plates of food that were shared by all of us, were just fantastic!

Stay tuned for our next tour and more pictures of this tour on