Cenaduría "La Once"

Cenaduria La OnceAs soon as you walk up to Cenaduría La Once, you will already see a line of people pushing their way in the door. Everyone tries to cram in tightly, so that no one is left waiting outside. As soon as the door opens the intoxicating aromas of a real home cooked meal float straight up to your nose. The first thing that my friend said was, "This is what it smells like during the holidays at my house." She could have not been more correct. You automatically feel the warmth and comfort, before you have even sat down at your table.

This isn't a place that you casually eat, and enjoy long conversation. They are all about getting you seated, fed, and then on your way out. It even states this on the back of their menu. There are always people waiting for a table, so this is what they believe to be the best way to have a proper circulation of customers. It seems to be working just fine, seeing that we only had to wait for about 5 minutes before we were seated as a table of 6.

Their menu has just a few items on it, and in this Cenaduría it is all about quality not quantity. Antonio and I ordered a couple of different plates, and decided to share everything. This is really a great way to be able to taste everything they have to offer, without feeling like you have to finish everything on your own. You are about to indulge into some serious comfort food.

Cenaduria La Once Cenaduria La Once Their small portion of Pozole looked like it could have fed four of us, and I would have loved to see what the large looked like. Seriously it has some of the largest pieces of Hominy in it, that I have ever seen. Their pozole was delicious! Every element down to the shredded cabbage was just lovely. Pozole is one of my all time favorite dishes, and even something I have requested to have made on my birthday. I would not hesitate one bit to return for another bowl of their pozole, especially on a cold evening.

Cenaduria La Once We also ordered their Sopes y Taco de papa. You can choose to have your sope come with the shredded meat, or potato as well. Carb -o- rama, but oh so satisfying. They come around with a bottle of crema, and let you cover your food to your hearts delight. I know it's just crema, but seriously even the flavor of theirs was better than most. You can try to lift up the taco or sopes with your hands, but I found it a bit easier and less messy to just take a fork at it. The masa sops up the juices of the shredded meat, and every bite is so full of flavor. I actually ordered another sope, which even though I was full, I just couldn't help it. We were "sharing" right?

The next time you are in the mood for a home cooked meal, while being out, stop by Cenaduría La Once. It's a great little place, with some incredibly tasty dishes.