A Quick Tijuana Getaway

Tacos La Sierra in Tijuana Every now and then we decide that a quick Tijuana getaway is definitely in order. My husband had some vacation time off work, so we were able to go and spend a couple of nights there during the week. This little roundup of photos is a timeline of how our three days went. We made it to both new and some of our usual spots.

Day 1 - Tacos La Sierra

This taco stand is near my mother in- law's house, and is normally always a stop on the way there. As soon we cross the border we pretty much make a  b line towards tacos. I love these tacos! I have had them countless times, and it almost seems as if they just keep getting better.

Tacos La Sierra in Tijuana Tacos La Sierra in Tijuana Tacos La Sierra in Tijuana

La Mezcalera

That night we headed out to "La Sexta" with a couple of friends. This area is so vibrant and full of night life. Every time we visit La Mezcalera we try to taste different variety of the Mezcal that they offer. I have to say that this time around the Café and Anis flavored Mezcal were my favorites. I know a lot of people that probably won't agree with me on the Anis part, but I am a sucker for black licorice and anything that resembles it.

La Mezcalera in Tijuana La Mezcalera in Tijuana

Chapulines/Grasshoppers with salt, lime and chile.

La Mezcalera in Tijuana

Mezcal Tasting mint, maracuya, mango, anis, café, frambuesa.

La Mezcalera in Tijuana

Clamato with cerveza Indio.

La Mezcalera in Tijuana

Day 2 - Playas de Tijuana

The next day was absolutely gorgeous. Here we are in December, and the temperatures are getting up to the the mid 70's and low 80's.  Of course food has to be involved pretty much anywhere that I go. The tostilocos that we got, had to be some of the best that I've ever had. Then as a refreshing drink, we enjoyed  fresh coconut water. As soon as you are done with the water, they will cut the coconut into pieces, and you can prepare it as you'd like.

Tacos La Sierra in Tijuana Tacos La Sierra in Tijuana

USA/Mexico border

Playas de Tijuana Playas de Tijuana Playas de Tijuana

Fresh coconut

Playas de Tijuana

Tostilocos Pig skins, cucumber, jicama, japanese peanuts, chile, lime, salt, chamoy.

Tony's Original New York Pizza

One of our friends has mentioned that we had to try the Pizza from Tony's. We met up with some family, and enjoyed a couple of pizzas outside in the December warm weather. The ingredients are very fresh, and the crust is so delicious. I am normally not a huge crust fan, but this had me coming back for more.  The prices are very reasonable, especially for the pizza sizes. If you are looking for a new place to try out some pizza, I recommend that you head to Tony's.

Tony's Original New York Pizza Tony's Original New York Pizza


Tony's Original New York Pizza


Day 3 - Tortas Wash Mobile

The day that we are heading home we always try and leave early to avoid really long border lines. Waking up early and packing up our family always brings on hunger. What better way than to start your day with a torta from Tortas Wash Mobile. There was already a crowd of people when we showed up, and the aromas in the air had my mouth watering. The meat was so juicy and flavorful. It has a smoky yet sweet flavor to it, and next to the cool avocado and pickled onions it is just so delightful.  We shared one that morning, but I could have definitely eaten my own with no problem.

Tortas Wash Mobile in Tijuana Tortas Wash Mobile in Tijuana