Valle de Guadalupe: Clos de Tres Cantos


Meet Clos de Tres Cantos. In fact, the winery is so new that they were still constructing a few added details when we made our visit. The grounds itself are breathtaking. There are so many eye catching architectural pieces, structural details, and overall just so much beauty. This winery is unlike any other in Valle de Guadalupe. I actually could not stop myself from talking about it with Antonio for the rest of the day. The owners Joaquin and Maria developed Clos de Tres Cantos with the land in mind. Their concept behind the project is sustainable, and respectful to the surrounding areas. You will see this in the use of the local materials such as the laja stone that makes up most of the exteriors, as well as reclaimed wood, and recycled wine bottles that have created art in their own way. The light that shines through the different green tinted, and clear wine bottles in their future barrel room, is brilliant.

You can't visit the land of Mexican wines, without tasting them of course. This day we tasted their "Nada"(Tempranillo & Petite Sirah), "Duda"(Carignan & Mourvedre),"Resilencia"(Petite Sirah), and "Noesis"(Tempranillo).

It was really difficult to pick favorites, but their Duda and Nada remained in my thoughts throughout the day. More than anything, I can not wait to return and see the finished project, and even more importantly experience their wines again.

Check out those cement covered chairs in the photos below! When this lovely heat wave decides to behave, you can bet we will be there with glasses of wine in hand, taking in the wine tinged Valle air, and most of all just relaxing.

Clos de Tres Cantos | Valle de Guadalupe, San Antonio de Las Minas
Clos de Tres Cantos | Valle de Guadalupe, San Antonio de Las Minas

Clos de Tres Cantos Rancho Santa Lucia, San Antonio de las Minas KM 81 Ensenada, Baja California