The New Kool of Tijuana: Sophisticated interiors paired with local cuisine at 52 Kool

When you hear of a new restaurant opening, there’s excitement, perhaps some apprehension, hunger pangs, and the list goes on. It’s not uncommon in an ever-changing city like Tijuana, to see or hear about new spots opening up quite frequently. When we heard the news of the restaurant 52 Kool, re-opening in the previous location of one of our old favorite restaurant's La Caza Club, we had to check it out first hand. 

This space has always been at the top of my list. When I walk into a building, whether it be a restaurant, hotel, or coffee shop, I find myself constantly pointing out the layout, attractive light fixtures, and even paint colors. I will notice the lamp above me, before I even take a glance at the menu. I guess considering my education background is in interior design, it is where my brain is trained to go. The interiors of 52 Kool are sophisticated, unique, and bring in a vibe that makes you want to grab a seat at the bar, and chat it up with friends for the following hours to come. Pops of bright tiles, surrounding the open kitchen make it a focal point, but also help it flow into the entire layout. From the creators of Creta at Tijuana’s Telefonica Gastropark,  Chef Oswaldo Flores Lagunas has been brought on to lead the kitchen at 52 Kool as well.

I may get a bit carried away when I am in awe with a space, but hey, I appreciate the beauty of it and I know that I’m not the only one. We tucked into a booth, and ordered a few items off of the menu to share. We decided on the ceviche with charred corn, fish of the day, and the ribeye pork dish. As we waited for our food, Antonio sipped a chile rimmed mezcal cocktail, while I enjoyed a Cabernet from the Valle de Guadalupe. We talked about the memories that we had experienced in this space previously, and imagined those that were about to unfold. 

First to the table, the fish ceviche dressed in citrus, topped with garnishes of sliced red onion, and chile peppers. Slightly blackened tostadas delivered the perfect crunch, and the ever so slightly undercooked corn added a delightful texture to the dish. 

The fish of the day (robalo) was beautifully cooked, plated with a cauliflower puree, and a salad with black beans that I basically inhaled, sorry Antonio. The pork ribeye was a highlight of the table as well. We made sure to cover each bite in squash puree, and a piece of pickled vegetables. 
On the sweeter side of things, we finished the evening with the bizcocho de chocolate. So rich and decadent, and just the right amount to share. 

While writing these blurbs, it’s reliving those bites, the feelings that surround you while dining out, and the just the overall experience that you are left with. It’s spots like 52 Kool, that make me want to do it again and again.


52 Kool

Miguel Aleman Valdez 2612, Colonia América
Tijuana, Baja California C.P. 22400

+52 664 686 3361