Tacos El Yaqui

Tacos El Yaqui - RosaritoTacos El Yaqui - Rosarito

Tacos El Yaqui (also known as Tacos Perrones), has been on my husband's list of places to go, as well as a suggestion from our readers. When you pull up to these tacos, your nose is immediately met with these enticing aromas. Even if you had eaten three tacos previously to your visit (like someone I may know), you will automatically make room for at least one of these tacos. Tacos El Yaqui only offers Arrachera tacos. If you are mostly used to "Tijuana" style tacos, this is definitely a pleasant and different taco experience. Another difference, is that the meat is cooked on a wood fired grill, where as most of the tacos we are used to eating are done on a coal-burning grill.

When you order your "Taco Perron", you will be presented with a handmade flour tortilla filled with melted cheese, Arrachera, Pinto Beans, guacamole, and salsa. These Sonoran style tacos are absolutely delicious! They are a bigger taco, and for me I would be more than satisfied after enjoying two of them. If you haven't experienced Tacos El Yaqui, the next time that you venture down to Rosarito, take some time to stop and enjoy these tacos. Tacos El Yaqui - Rosarito Tacos El Yaqui - Rosarito Tacos El Yaqui - Rosarito

Tacos El Yaqui Mar del Norte, Esq. La Palma, 22710 Rosarito, Mexico