First Look: Decantos Vinícola in Valle de Guadalupe


Take a step inside the nearly finished, and new project to grace the Valle de Guadalupe, Decantos Vinícola. Mexico's wine country is constantly expanding, and flourishing. The Granados brothers invited us to capture an inside look at the gorgeous building and grounds that house Decantos wines. The views from the inside out to surrounding vineyards and hillside are absolutely stunning! We chatted about the progress, and what to expect over the summer, as we tasted our way through their bright Chardonnay, deep ruby red Malbec, among others straight from the tanks. Alonso, the enologist, and his brother Alejandro have such a spark in their eye about their wines, and incredible project that is blooming from the ground up. It's always such a brilliant feeling to see such passion, and dreams unfolding right in front of you.


We headed into their barrel room which currently houses nearly 30 French Oak barrels, all set up on a connected gravity system. Lava rock pebbles cover the floor of the dimly lit room, and the sound of water dribbling down the natural rock walls is just as relaxing as it sounds. Alonso poured us a barrel tasting of their Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tempranillo. The Syrah and Tempranillo definitely stood out as a favorites of mine, and I can not wait to taste them again.

The winery is set to house a bistro on site, as well as an area of mini tanks where you can create your own wine blends right there on the spot.

You can feel the charm and love of a family owned business, and dedication that is being put into Decantos Vinícola.

Currently, Decantos Vinícola is due to open in the beginning of August. Keep your eyes peeled for this new gem!

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