Tortas Ahogadas "El Gallito"

Tortas El Gallito - Chula Vista "Street Food" is definitely becoming much more well known and popular these days. I know that a lot of us grew up eating food from either street vendors or food trucks, but until now no one had really started making such a big deal. It was just somewhere to eat delicious food, that you kept going back for. El Gallito is officially on my list of favorites. You pull into a parking lot , and at first you are like "Hmm..Tortas being sold next to a Toys R good can they be?!" Oh, believe me you are in for a real treat! Tortas Ahogadas, otherwise known as a "Drowned Sandwich" are what they are known for. Traditionally a Torta is made with a soft and slightly toasted Bolillo. These Tortas on the other hand have to made with a thicker and crunchier version in order to withstand the sauce. You can order a mild or spicy version. We opted for the spicy one. Now, I am going to say this isn't the easiest sandwich to eat especially if you are on the go, but every bite has you still wanting more, no matter how messy you get. The inside is filled with very well seasoned and incredibly juicy pork. The pork was delicious enough to eat on its own, but the bead and sauces make the whole dish complete. They all compliment each other so perfectly.

I love the addition of the pickled onions over the top. They add such a beautiful contrast of color, as well as texture and a surprisingly mild note to the tomato and chile based sauces. I am already waiting for the next time we head over to El Gallito.It could very well turn into one of those "cravings", especially knowing that it is so close to us.

The next time you are in  the area, make your way over to El Gallito for a Torta Ahogada. Take a few "messy" moments to sit down and really enjoy this drowned sandwich.

Tortas El Gallito - Chula Vista