Devilicious & Chubby's Food Truck


When I first saw that there were  going to be two new trucks at the Eastlake Food Truck Gathering, I knew we had to go try out the food. Many of you have most likely heard of Devilicious not only from being from San Diego, but also competing on the Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. Chubby's was the other truck that was going to be a new addition at the food truck gathering line-iup. Walking up to the event you can already tell how much more well known it is becoming. The first couple of times we had been, there were lines, but definitely none like we saw this night. I love that  there is such a great event happening in this part of town. Wednesday's are actually something to look forward to now in my book.

Devilicious Food Truck

If you were standing anywhere in close proximity to the Devilicious Food Truck you inhale the intoxicating smell of caramelized onions and butter. I could actually hear people walking by saying, "Wow! What is that amazing smell?" We knew that we had to order their Butter Poached Lobster Grilled Cheese. I really loved the addition of caramelized onions on a grilled cheese. Those alone are two wonderful ingredients, and then comes buttery lobster on a sandwich. You really can't go wrong. The sandwich came with a side salad, which I enjoyed very much. It added a light feeling to the overall meal, even if you were eating all of that butter, lobster and cheese. The greens were drizzled with a simple balsamic vinegar dressing, that also added a delightful bite.  If you want some comfort food and to perhaps let yourself indulge a bit, order this sandwich the next time you are at the Devilicious Food Truck.


Chubby's Food Truck

The first item I saw on Chubby's menu were the burgers. They pride themselves on using 100& Angus beef, so why not go ahead and order a burger. I ordered the Paradise burger. The meat was incredibly juicy, and actually pink in the middle which I loved! The slightly toasted Ciabatta bun was a nice twist to the traditional sesame seed bun. The burger was topped with a "Paradise" salsa that added a nice fruity and tropical touch to the overall meal. I loved the quality of meat and ingredients of this burger. I would definitely recommend that you try out the food from Chubby's Food Truck. You don't have to order a hamburger. They also offer wraps and different types of Mexican food as well.