The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck

The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck in San DiegoIt isn't often that you hear of a food truck serving up tacos varios on this side of the border. When we heard about a local food truck changing their menu over to serving only tacos varios, it was hard to resist the urge of going as soon as possible. The last meal that I enjoyed from The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck was their Trifecta Grilled Cheese. That was one of the best versions of a grilled cheese that I have had, and wouldn't expect any less from their new venture. The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck We had the pleasure of speaking with Luis Valdovinos, owner of The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck, all about the introduction of their new menu. He explained to us about how he grew up between both Mexican and American cultures, with his Father being a Cordon Bleu Chef. All of the recipes that he uses for each of the tacos are family recipes, as well as inspired by family style dinners/guisados. Those meals where all of the ingredients are out on the table, and you just go to town making your own tacos, while having a great family conversation. It was so wonderful to not only be able to see his passion behind his food, but you are able to taste it through what he produces.

The comfort that a home cooked meal brings you, can definitely be experienced through these tacos. Every element from the rice and beans, to the meats and tortillas are so delicious and satisfying. The different stews and meats are so tasty, that you might find yourself just wanting to dig in with a fork. You just know the difference when a meal has been cooked with love.

This Sunday morning for their brunch hours, they were offering a free piece of pan dulce. Giovanni was automatically in love with that idea, as was I. Luis also told us that he plans to offer up Chocolate Ibarra along side the pan dulce as well. How does that not scream comfort food?

The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck is located at the address listed below, as well as appearances at the  57 Degrees and Eastlake Food Truck Gatherings. Head on over and experience the delightful world of tacos varios, without having to cross the border.

Taco de Milanesa - The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck in San Diego Taco de Milanesa toppped with a fried Egg

We showed up during their brunch hours, and as soon as I stepped up to the window I heard the words "fried egg". The answer to that question is always "yes"! Does a runny egg just not make everything better?

Taco de Chicharrón - The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck in San Diego Taco de Chicharrón

Pork rinds, you are so wonderful in many ways. These pork rinds are sauteed in their housemade salsa roja. The salsa of course adds a bit of heat, but it still lets the pork rinds shine all on their own. The textures in this taco are just so enjoyable.

Taco de Mole - The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck in San Diego Taco de Mole

My husband is more of the Mole fan between the two of us, but this Taco de Mole had me going back for bites (even after three other tacos). There is the richness  that comes through, and really grabs your taste buds. I am honestly reliving each bite of that taco as I write this.

Taco de Chorizo con Papa - The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck in San Diego Taco de Chorizo con Papa topped with a fried Egg

I have to believe that this was my favorite of the morning. Again the wonderful fried egg came into play, but that wasn't the only reason it was a favorite. Chorizo, potatoes, rice, and beans also came along for the ride. The salsa roja that was drizzled over the top is absolutely delicious. It adds just the perfect amount of heat to the taco.

The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck 110 National City Blvd National City, CA 92113 Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm