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We have been experiencing such beautiful days here in San Diego lately, you know the kind where you just want to be walking around outside enjoying it to the fullest. Old Town San Diego is such a perfect spot for that. Whether you are going to have a delicious lunch, or just visit all of the shops, it is such a wonderful experience. We didn't eat this time around, because we had just come from breakfast, but that doesn't mean there wasn't room left from some Olive Oil tasting. We made our way towards the Temecula Olive Oil Company store. The store is full of some amazing products. I could spend a good majority of my day just smelling all of the different soaps and fresh Lavender.

The woman who was pouring the Olive Oils, was very informative with each pouring. She also paired the  flavored Balsamic vinegars with a flavored olive oil, which was what I enjoyed the most. If you are a fan of olive oils, or even new to the whole olive oil world, I highly suggest you plan to make a visit to the Temecula Olive Oil Company. They also have a variety of beautiful salts to taste as well. Temecula Valley Blend

Temecula Valley Blend - Winter Harvest

This is their Winter Harvest blend, which is a full bodied Olive oil. I think that it  would work well as a marinade for red meats, as well as a great oil to use for roasting vegetables.

Company Reserve

Olivum Reserve

Fresh Basil Reserve

Fresh Basil Reserve - Late Harvest

Basil is one of my all time favorite herbs, and this Fresh Basil Reserve was definitely speaking my language. The Basil comes through in both the aroma and flavor, but the over all taste is very smooth. If you are Basil fan like I am, this one will be a winner in your book. This would be perfect to drizzle over a Caprese Salad.

Roasted Garlic Reserve

Roasted Garlic Reserve - Late Harvest

The first thought that came to mind when I smelled the Roasted Garlic reserve was pizza. I could imagine myself drizzling this olive oil over homemade pizza, and it would be just divine. When tasting it the roasted garlic wasn't as pungent as it came through in the aroma, but it was very delicious.

Citrus Reserve

Citrus Reserve

This would be the perfect olive oil to use as a marinade for both Chicken and Fish. It would also work just as well as a salad dressing with its bright Citrus notes.

Routture di Oro

Routture di Oro

Balsamico Bianco

Pomegranate Balsamico Bianco

We were told that this is one of their best sellers, and I could definitely see why. The Pomegranate flavor came through so fresh and clean. I would love to use this over salads and even cheeses.


Balsamico Bianco with Honey

This was paired with the Roasted Garlic Reserve, and it was pleasantly sweet. Every pairing she advised that we take two sips. The first comes through a bit more tart than the second, and she was absolutely right. The second sip you get the sweetness of the honey with just a bit of the roasted garlic in the background.

Just Dip-it

"Just Dip-it"

This tasted great on its own, but would be great for dipping fresh breads, or even drizzled over pasta.

Just Dress-it

"Just Dress-it"

Vanilla & Fig Balsamic

Vanilla & Fig Balsamic

This I have to say was my favorite Balsamic Vinegar. Before even tasting it, I pictured marinating fresh berries and pouring them over vanilla bean ice cream. That is exactly one of the delicious uses for this Vanilla and Fig Balsamic Vinegar.

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Temecula Olive Oil Company 28653 Old Town Front Street Temecula, CA 92590 (951) 693-0607

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