Eastlake Food Truck Gathering

A couple of weeks ago some friends of ours mentioned that there was a little food truck gathering in our neighborhood. We couldn't make it at the time, but this week when my husband told me they were back, we weren't going to miss it. I was especially excited because there were trucks that were going to be there, that we didn't get a chance to try at the Del Mar Food Truck Festival. Mangia Mangia Food Truck

Mangia Mangia Food Truck Mangia Mangia Food Truck Mangia Mangia Food Truck Spicy Snails The Mangia Mangia truck was our first stop, and it set a wonderful tone for the rest of the evening. I ordered the Spicy Snails. I know there are a lot of people out there that even get scared of the word snail, but you really shouldn't, these were absolutely delicious. They had a nice texture, and not chewy at all. Nothing is worse than a tough and chewy snail right?! The word spicy was in the title, and these little guys held up to that expectation. It was a "good" spicy. I know that some people might think, well what does a "good" spicy necessarily mean? It wasn't that knocks your socks off, can't even finish this dish spicy. It was the perfect addition of kick to the overall dish. The snails were surrounded by a creamy Risotto that was cooked just right. I was more than happy that this was my dish that started off the night.

Mangia Mangia Food Truck Bone Marrow A friend of ours ordered the Bone Marrow. This was yet again another tasty dish from the Mangia Mangia truck. Bone Marrow is one of my husbands favorites, yes, besides hamburgers. He actually closed his eyes when he took his first bite. That's when you know something is good. It was like biting into this amazingly rich and velvety delight. I will definitely be returning back to the Mangia Mangia truck the next time that we catch them. If it was up to me, I would try each and every thing that their menu has to offer.


Super Q Food Truck

Super Q  Food Truck San Diego Super Q  Food Truck San Diego Super Q Food Truck 3 Cheese Brisket Melt The Super Q food truck was next in line. I can honestly admit that I don't have a ton of experience with bbq. We have eaten at a couple of places, but it is always a type of food that I have wanted to try more often. We ordered the Super Q Beef Brisket Melt. This melt consisted of juicy brisket, 3 cheese mac and cheese, caramelized onions, and cheddar cheese. All of this in between two toasted slices of Sourdough bread. Doest that not make your mouth water just thinking about it? Putting Mac and Cheese inside of a sandwich might not be an every day move, but it sure was a smart one. It added that extra texture, and  just in case it needed it, more cheesiness. Come hungry when you visit the Super Q Food Truck, you will not be disappointed.


Asian Persuasion

Asian Persuasion Food Truck San Diego Asian Persuasion San Diego You guys knew that we couldn't attend anything food related without ordering some kind of hamburgers right? We ordered the Bangkok Sliders from Asian Persuasion. These handsome little guys are packed with flavor. Every bite you just get more and more flavors and textures to explore. These took sliders to a whole new level for me. One of my favorite parts was that the bun was Hawaiian bread. The slightly sweet and pillowy bun enveloped a juicy little patty full of beautiful flavor profiles. You get a kick of spice, sweetness, and even a bit of tang. Light and crunchy Won Ton Chips accompany these little beauties. If you are into hamburgers, and want to experience a different side, you must try the Bangkok sliders.


TGS Bistrotruck

TGS Bistrotruck San Diego TGS Bistrotruck San Diego You would think that we would be too full to continue by this point, but no, we were on a mission. Hey, it was my birthday eve after all. We ordered the Spicy Pork Tacos from The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck. They were the perfect size, and the first thing I noticed was how colorful they were. These pork tacos had a lot going on, but it all worked together nicely. Yes, that is pineapple you see.. The sweetness paired well with the slight sourness of the pickled onions, and the spiciness of the Tomatillo salsa. These were great little tacos, and I loved that the corn tortillas tasted so fresh. The quality of a tortilla can really make a world of a difference. In this case, it rounded out the whole taco and made it a lovely eating experience.


Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats Truck San Diego Sweet Treats Truck San Diego You can't have all of this savory goodness, without ending on a sweet note. Cannoli, you are one of my all time favorite desserts. I remember as a kid my Dad and I used to try them whenever they were offered on the menu. I have tasted the good, the bad, and of course the mediocre cannoli. I saw the crushed pistachio, and automatically got excited. These were delicious. They were not too sweet, and had a delightful creamy interior.

Sweet Treats Truck San Diego The Red Velvet Cake was nice as well. Unfortunately for it, I had the Cannoli right before, and I was a bit full from the whole evening.

Even after this little event was finished, we still couldn't get enough of our "Food Truck Fix". Until we meet again trucks!


Food Trucks Light up the Night

Eastlake Food Truck Gathering Eastlake Food Truck Gathering Eastlake Food Truck Gathering