Simpson Bay, St. Maarten

The holidays have come to an end, and we have started another new year. The year has been off to a great start so far, and I can not wait to see what is in store for us. We are settled back in at home here, but there are still mornings that I can't help but stare out the window longingly, just imagining that it is the beach in Simpson Bay.

The days there went by entirely to quickly, and each day from start to finish has such gorgeous scenery. From the moment that you begin your day with an espresso in hand, gazing at the clear blue waters, to watching the sunset, and then as the night grows darker, seeing the yachts in the distance begin to glow. It really is something else. A photo can get you awfully close to the real thing, but seeing it in person tells a different story. There will forever be memories of these island surroundings in my mind, which can become an escape when needed.