Plancha Baja Med Pop-up dinner by Chef Chad White

Plancha Baja Med Pop-up dinner by Chef Chad WhiteWhen Chef Chad White talks about his passion behind his latest venture, Plancha Baja Med, it is almost contagious. His inspiration from his travels and experiences in Baja, is incredible to listen to. He mentioned various times, that his experiences are not only based on the food alone, but the people and surrounding ambiances as well. We could not agree more, and if you have been following us along on our Life and Food journey for awhile now, the photos and words can not even fully express that admiration.

He started these Prix Fixe pop-ups at the end of last year, and we have been following each and every menu, just drooling. It was time to stop seeing the action from behind the computer screen, and finally see it in person for ourselves.

He currently holds these pop up dinners at Carnitas Snack Shack, with a 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm seating offered. The space itself is just lovely. The warm wood accents, and candle lit long table, is more than inviting. Don't worry about our abnormally cooler nights here in San Diego, because the heat lamps are up and running, as soon as you are seated. The long table serves as an intimate setting, which made it even more fun to hear about how every one had end up there, after hearing about these dinners. It's also the look on their faces, while Chef Chad explains the menu, and each ingredient on it, just that look of intrigue. You won't find creations like this anywhere in San Diego. Just as the website states, "This is a non specific dining experience that allows his imagination to run wild; cooking however, wherever, and whenever he wants."

Before you sit down at your seat, Chef Jenn Felmley was there giving the run down on the select local craft beers that are offered for purchase.

The time had come, Chef Chad White stood at the head of the table, talking about the dishes, and each and every step that it took to prepare what we were about to experience.

Plancha Baja Med Pop-up dinner by Chef Chad White The evening kicked off with a fresh oyster topped with Uni, Kieffer pickled avocado, and sesame-nori gremolata. I picked up the oyster, and in one tip back of the shell, my mouth was filled with an explosion of flavors and textures. The pickled avocado was really a nice addition to the buttery sea urchin, and natural sea flavors of the ocean.

Plancha Baja Med Pop-up dinner by Chef Chad White Plancha Baja Med Pop-up dinner by Chef Chad White The next course, Sous Vide beef tongue, eggplant meringue, dehydrated olive poblano tapenade, and a touch of Kale ash. A piece of the tender beef tongue, with that incredible meringue, and briny olive tapenade, was just fascinating.

Plancha Baja Med Pop-up dinner by Chef Chad White Plancha Baja Med Pop-up dinner by Chef Chad White The chatter was flowing after the table all had their first bite of the Pork belly. The aromas from the Al Pastor pork belly, onion smoked masa, black garlic, and charred pineapple took me right to my own little happy place. My mind was automatically transported back to one of our favorite taco stands in Tijuana. This dish is far more exquisite, but its those type of food memories that just seal the deal for the evening. Plancha Baja Med Pop-up dinner by Chef Chad White The dinner concluded with crispy rice pudding, Banana gelato, Raisin gastrique, and Tajin smoked salt. My mouth just began to water thinking about that sprinkle of Tajin smoked salt on top of the Banana gelato. It was perfect, there is nothing more to say. The rice pudding was wrapped in egg roll wrappers, fried, and then coated in Cinnamon sugar. It was sweet, and crunchy, with the pleasant texture of the rice pudding inside. Okay, I need to stop now, because now my stomach is starting to growl.

If you are ready for a dining experience, unlike any other here in San Diego, the Plancha Baja Med Pop Ups are your match. Chef, Congratulations  and thank you for what you are doing, we can not wait to see what the future will bring.

Plancha Baja Med by Chad White San Diego, CA 619-213-4277

Reservations required 48 hours in advance.