Checking In: Tijuana's One Bunk small scale boutique hotel is here to stay

One Bunk Tijuana

Avenida Revolución has always been bustling with restaurants, bars, and the signature painted zonkeys on the street corners. The famous downtown Revolution street has been lined with little curios shops studded with colorful textiles, wood carved trinkets, and other goods, since one can remember. What was once known as a major party zone — think Tijuana’s version of the Las Vegas strip — is slowly blossoming into a culture of its own. Pasajes boasting incredible murals from local artists, craft breweries popping up, and artfully tasteful spots like Cine Tonalá are becoming the new around here. The classic places like Caesar’s Restaurant and hotel will always hold their own, but a new wave of unique and long awaited spots like One Bunk Tijuana are now here! Located above La Justina, inside of the newly renovated Hotel Lafayette, is the new One Bunk Tijuana. A small scale boutique hotel that expresses the vibrant culture and vibe of Tijuana. 

An amazing group of talents came together to birth this gem. The creative direction and curation are led by the LWP Group (The Pearl Hotel, Tacos Perla). The architecture, and bed frames for the hotel were done in collaboration with the talented Jorge Gracia of Gracia Studio, with interiors composed by Weekend Project and Seth and Alexis Sullivan. En Bloc Hotels, are behind the curation of the guest experience, as well as in-house design elements such as the room numbers, door hangers, compendium, and signage. 


The space greets you with an urban, and eclectic vibe. It’s as if you have stepped into a different world, but with keeping the variety of elements that are representative of the ever changing city of Tijuana. Murals by Tijuanauta adorn the interior walls of some of the rooms, and striking details like the industrial-esque light fixtures hanging from above. The fresh greenery, and pops of color bring life to the space. One Bunk TJ maintained the original essence of the building, whilst adding touches for the modern traveler.

One Bunk TJ maintained the original essence of the building, whilst adding touches for the modern traveler.

It is always such a great adventure to explore cities that you visit. Whether it’s your first, or 50th time, there is nothing quite like the comfort of a well thought out hotel room to kick back and relax. The Casper mattress dressed in crisp white linens, is enough to make you never want to leave. Take in the view of Avenida Revolución, from both your own private sanctuary, or immersing yourself into the local scene first hand.


Opening in May to the public, this 9-room micro hotel is ready to host you, displaying the diverse city of Tijuana, and what makes it truly an exclusive place to visit.

Coming soon, the hotel will feature a bar and rooftop area, as well as a barber on hand. 


What to do around One Bunk TJ

Eat & Drink

Cine Tonalá | Rooftop bites and libations, while the sun sets as your backdrop

La Justina | A gastropub located below One Bunk TJ showcasing the city's food and drink trends

Caesars | Grab a table side prepared Caesar in it’s birthplace. The bone marrow sopes are also to die for!

Teorema/ Ludica Co-Tasting Room | In the mood for Tijuana craft beer? Head across the street for a taste of the duos creations

Container Coffee | Specialty small lot coffee roaster in the heart of Avenida Revolución

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See & Shop

Casa Duhagón | Interiors shop and showroom for the contemporary home space

Pasaje Rodriguez | Book shops, galleries, microbreweries, coffee shops house this art-filled alley just steps away from One Bunk TJ

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One Bunk TJ

Tijuana, Baja California