Monte Albán

Now back to where I left off on our trip to Oaxaca. There is not a day that goes by, that we don't find ourselves reminiscing about all of great times that were had. Towards the end of our stay, we visited the archaeological site in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan known as the gorgeous ruins of Monte Alban. I myself, have never been able to witness such beauty in front of me, unless it was a slide show on a projector back in high school. Standing amongst the ruins, I almost wanted to lay down and create grass angels, that is just how happy and serene it had me feeling.

Not to mention the endless open running area for Giovanni to roam free. He had a field day of his own, playing in the dirt and running back and forth between these, what I'm sure to him seemed like higher than the sky platforms.

Spending just a couple of the hours at the site, gave us a little taste, but I would more than love to make a return trip, as well as explore other ruins across Mexico.