Mariscos El Paisa


The Mariscos El Paisa food truck has been a favorite of ours, and one of the most frequent stops for ceviche here in the Southbay since 2007. This was actually one of the first places that I tried mariscos at, when I first moved to San Diego. The family that owns and runs the truck hails from Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico. The quality is always consistent, which explains the fact that I could eat there multiple times a week. On this wonderful pregnancy journey of mine, especially this second time around, I have had some pretty intense cravings. I don't know whether to blame it on the gorgeous weather that we have been experiencing here in San Diego or what, but this past week has been "fish taco mania" for me. I don't know how many of you will agree with me or not, but when you crave something to such a certain extent, the quality better be up to par, or you will continue searching for it until it is found. Am I right? Here on this side of the border, the fish tacos at El Paisa are more than up to par. The batter is crispy and light, and both the fish and shrimp (above) are the perfect tender surprise once you bite into that taco. The hot sauce drenched pickled red onions not only have great color, but they add just the right amount of heat, to any of the dishes you may order.

Mariscos El Paisa, San Diego – © Life & Food"Las Super Ranas" - Octopus, smoked marlin, fish and shrimp

Mariscos El Paisa, San Diego – © Life & Food Aguachile de camarón

Antonio ordered their Aguachile de Camaron, and "Las Super Ranas" taco. In between bites, there were plenty of up and down head nods, as well as "mmm's" said under his breath.

Mariscos El Paisa, San Diego – © Life & Food

If the warm weather has you yearning for some refreshing ceviche, or delicious fish tacos, this truck should be on your list. I am resisting the temptation to head on over there just as I get finished writing this.

Mariscos El Paisa | MAP Iris Ave & Beyer Ave San Diego, CA 92154