Food Truck Bites in Eastlake


On a Wednesday night in Eastlake, there is no better place to be than the Eastlake Food Truck Gathering. It is such a lovely environment. You are surrounded by amazing food, great music, and the company of others.Eastlake Food Truck Gathering - Asian Persuasion Eastlake Food Truck Gathering - Asian Persuasion Asian Persuasion - Korean BBQ Burrito Asian Persuasion - Korean BBQ Burrito This time around my husband ordered the Korean BBQ Burrito from Asian Persuasion. This is one monster of a burrito filled with numerous colors and flavors. It was wrapped up in a flour tortilla, which I believe surpassed the quality of most taco shops. The steak was marinated in their home made sauce, and was nuzzled up next to a crunchy and acidic slaw. For just a little bit more texture, there was also rice thrown into the mix. If you are looking for a different spin on a burrito, this is your match. The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck Have I already mentioned that I am so ready for the Fall? Well, if not, I truly am. The feeling of the crisp, cool air, and the wonderful foods and flavors that come along with it. Having a grilled cheese with Tomato soup is a must once the weather decides to drop a little. It is such a classic combination. The Trifecta Grilled Cheese from The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck has to be one of the best versions of this classic that I have ever tasted. If you  are thinking, come on Kristin it's just a Grilled Cheese. This is one version that will make you think differently of the ordinary Grilled Cheese. It was filled with three melty and gooey cheeses. Those were Smoked Gouda, Sharp Cheddar, and Pepper Jack. Their tomato soup was a shot of Gazpacho. This was so perfect for the summer heat. Alone each one of these is tasty, and then dipping the grilled cheese into the Gazpacho, it doesn't get much better. Sweet Treats Truck - San Diego The SD Sweet Treats Truck was the holding up the sweet end of the deal. I had been eyeing the Eclair since last week, because then unfortunately it was sold out. They aren't kidding when they say "Large Eclair". This luscious dessert is filled with both custard and whipped cream. It was such a delightful ending to another great time at the Food Truck Gathering. A little word of advice though. The SD Sweet Treats Truck sells out fast! I headed that way towards the end of the night, and I was lucky to get the Eclair. The best idea would be to  get what you want as you walk in, and set it aside for later. You don't necessarily have to set it aside, it may be a bit hard to resist.

If you are in the area, or are willing to make the drive, you should definitely head over to the Eastlake Food Truck Gathering. It is a great environment and experience for the middle of the week. Eastlake Food Truck Gathering