Carnitas Las Michoacanas

Carnitas Las Michoacanas in Chula VistaCarnitas Las Michoacanas in Chula Vista This past weekend was full of rain, and when it rains it only opens up my appetite more. You start to crave comfort food, and just that all around feeling of warmth. San Diego hasn't seen 3 consecutive days of rain in awhile, but it really was a great way to end winter. I say great, in hopes that there won't be any more consecutive days of rain this year.

We headed out on Sunday in the rain (and hail), in search of great little spot to eat. I seriously had dreams about carnitas all weekend. Why yes, I do dream about food, quite frequently actually. Often when we set out on our little food missions, we just drive aimlessly until something catches our eye. This time I had been telling Antonio since early on that carnitas were on my mind. I just love Sundays and seeing everyone enjoying time and of course a big meal with their families. Eating Carnitas is a wonderful way to live out that experience.

We pulled up to Carnitas Las Michoacanas, and before we even opened the door I could tell that this was the kind of place we were looking for. A cozy little eatery full of  wood tables, and of course the sweet aromas of pork. Their menu offers other items besides carnitas, but that's what we were there for right?

We ordered a pound of carnitas, which was accompanied by fresh warm corn tortillas, and rice and beans. The waitress  said it was enough for 2 people, but I felt like it could have really fed a family of 4. Family style meals are honestly a favorite of mine. I love being able to create tacos with as much or little contents  inside, and really being able to add your own personality to it.  The carnitas were so moist and full of flavor. Their housemade salsas were so fresh and delicious, but really all the carnitas needed was a squirt of lime and some onion and cilantro. The meat shines through on its own, even through the flavor of the corn tortillas. I told Antonio that I would love Sundays to be our day for carnitas. It's little restaurants like these, that really help you appreciate the dish even more. Carnitas Las Michoacanas in Chula Vista Carnitas Las Michoacanas in Chula Vista Carnitas Las Michoacanas 1333 3rd Ave Chula Vista, CA 91911