The Melt

The Melt was a place that my husband brought up to me weeks before our trip to San Francisco. Anything that has to do with technology, especially something that involves his phone, he is all about. I was more about the food part of it, and soon began looking over their menu. They take your ordinary Grilled Cheese sandwich and add a variety of different cheeses and breads that make up such flavorful combinations. Order a combo, and with it comes a cup of hot and delicious soup. A classic favorite of mine is of course tomato soup with my grilled cheese, but why not mix it up and try one of their different combinations that they have to offer. We decided to order the Parisian. Visit from your mobile device.

Add your order to the cart and create an account in which you add your payment options.

You proceed to checkout in which a QR code will be generated with your order details and your receipt will be e-mailed to you.

Go ahead! Skip the line and head directly to the scanning station. Scan your phone (QR code) and Voila! your order has been placed. All you need to do is wait (3-4 minutes) for your initials to be called.

The Parisian is made up of Brie and Apple butter on white wheat bread with a cup of Creamy Wild Mushroom soup. Brie is one of my all time favorite cheeses. I can easily eat it on its own, but in this sandwich it was so divine. The creamy brie melted with a sweet apple butter, is so comforting. Then you have this Creamy Wild Mushroom soup along side.  Whether you dip your sandwich in it, or eat it on its own that is all up to you, but the flavors are amazing together. The melt has definitely brought the grilled cheese sandwich to a different level of comfort. The crisp and cool weather was the absolute perfect backdrop for lunch at this spot.