La Sexta

La Mezcalera - TijuanaLa Mezcalera - Tijuana La Mezcalera - Tijuana La Mezcalera - Tijuana

This past weekend was my husband's Birthday celebration weekend. I am pretty sure that we will be continuing the celebration for the next two weeks knowing the size of our family, and different get togethers. His birthday celebration destination of choice was 'La Sexta". We met up with some good friends, and headed out into the night.

It was the third anniversary at La Mezcalera, which consisted of free beer and music from a few different DJ's. We mostly hung out in the back with the music and disco ball, but if you are in the mood for a bit calmer scene that is possible as well. You can hang out in the front by the bar with the tunes of the jukebox blasting.

La Sexta - Tijuana La Sexta - Tijuana Barok Tijuana - La Sexta

Barok was the next spot that we decided to head over to. This is a new bar that has been open for a little bit less than a month. As you  walk in you will notice the big screens playing music videos of the Top 40's, and people split off into their own little "clicks". Behind the bar you will notice three big jugs each filled with a different  concoction. Each of the concoctions consisted either of  vodka, tequila, or their Sangria. I opted for the Sangria. If you aren't so much into those options, they also serve beers in giant mugs, as well as I'm sure whatever you would like to order. Another added bonus to their drinks, is that they are all served in Chamoy rimmed cups. I am pretty sure that I wasn't the only one taking a "bite" of chamoy off of the cup before every sip. I loved how open it was, there is a terraza that was very refreshing on this particularly warm night in January.

Tortas Johnny - La Sexta Tortas Johnny - La Sexta

Then the hunger starts to set in. Whether it be tacos, tortas, hot dogs, or even pizza, street food comes to the rescue. We made our way over to Tortas Johnny. These are the tortas that we normally would always have as a 2am craving in the border, as we headed back to San Diego. My favorite is their torta de lomo. My husband and I split one, but there would be absolutely no problem eating one on our own. Our friends also ordered some cheese fries. A little bit more grease doesn't hurt right?

La Sexta - Tijuana La Sexta - Tijuana La Sexta - Tijuana

"Le Sexta" really has its own vibrant personality. There are so many options as far as bar hopping, and of course food for those late night cravings. I really enjoy just people watching, and seeing this amazing city come to life.