La Boulange Cafe and Bakery

I am in love with all things French. My husband and I have always been so intrigued by the French Culture, and most of all the food. La Boulange Cafe Bakery was a very close walk to our hotel that we stayed at. The first couple of times that we walked by, we just stared in longingly at the beautiful display of baked goods and treats. It wasn't until our last day in San Francisco, that we actually went in and ordered breakfast. I would have felt spoiled if we had eaten there every morning, even though I was secretly wishing that we did. We ordered their Croque Madame to share, and Giovanni had their Organic Oats with Fruit. We actually stopped by for a second time that day and ordered Giovanni some lunch, as well as a Pumpkin Macaron. Don't even get me started on their selection of Macarons. It was so hard to pick just one flavor, but the Pumpkin was perfect for the season. Another thing that my son loves, is Pumpkin. He pretty much devoured the whole delicate macaron, my husband and I were lucky enough to taste what we did. Even with that small taste, we could tell just how delicious their macarons are. The next time that we find ourselves in San Francisco, I can not wait to return to La Boulange.

Gio's Organic Oats with Fruit

My son is a fruit fanatic, especially for blueberries. I am pretty sure that is getting towards the point of obsession. We placed the bowl in front of him, and his little eyes lit up. The warm bowl of Organic Oats and Fruit was absolutely perfect for the chilly weather outside. I would be more than happy to order this for him again.

Croque Madame

A Croque Madame is one of those sandwiches that has a special place in my heart. What is not to love about ham, swiss cheese, bechamel, and  fried egg on a toasted pain de mie. The yolk dripping all over the bread has to be my favorite part. I have made them countless times at home for us, but I always love to order them when they are on the menu. This was one tops my list, and I would return to La Boulange for breakfast any day.

Side of Fresh Fruit Salad


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