July Favorites


Here are just a few kitchen gadgets, or food related items, that I can't find myself living without right now. The first item is our Francis X5 Espresso machine. I got this espresso machine as a birthday gift from my parents about 4 years back. I do not know what I would do without this beauty some days. It makes a perfect cup of espresso, and is still running strong. If you are an espresso lover such as we are, it is definitely worth the investment. The next item which coincidentallly goes hand in hand with the espresso machine, are Lavazza Espresso Pods. This has got to be the easiest way to make espresso in the mornings. i have used the grinds as well, but it turns out to be such a mess. You can order these in bulk on Amazon, for a more reasonable price than in stores. You get a delicious cup of espresso and the perfect amount of "crema" on top every time. A kitchen gadget that I used almost daily besides my knives is my microplane grater. I use the zest from fruits, or cheese in nearly every recipe that I create. This grater is handheld, and makes it so simple. Oh microplane grater, I would be lost without you. We received this 3 piece set of Giada De Laurentiis mixing bowls for our wedding last year. These bowls are wonderful, and you know what I like the most about them? They have grip on the bottom. They are outstanding when it comes to using the electric mixer, or whisking together salad dressings. These bowls will not go flying halfway down your counter in the process. My last item of the moment are lemons. No, they are not a kitchen gadget per say, but I use them just about as much. Lemons are so bright, fresh, and clean. I love to both cook and bake with them. I find myself using them a bit more often in the summertime, but I do continue to use them year round. Who doesn't love the smell of fresh lemon zest or juice? Incredible!