Del Mar Gourmet Food Truck Festival


We ventured out to the Del Mar Race Track to try some delicious eats at the Del Mar Gourmet Food Truck Festival. The sun was bright and shining, and it was packed with people. I knew that we weren't going to get to every single truck, but we made a few stops that were well worth the lines.

I have been watching Chef Ludo Lefebvre's Show, Ludo Bites on the Sundance channel. It's a reality show about pop-up restaurants, that I have really been drawn to. As soon as I saw that the Ludo Truck was in the lineup for this festival, I knew that was going to be a definite stop on the list. My husband was sweet enough to wait in the long line, while I waited in the line over at Waffles de Liege. We ordered the two piece Honey - Glazed Garlic wings, which came with a side of Ludo Slaw. These wings were so incredibly juicy, and full of flavor. The honey glaze was both sweet and savory. It had just the  perfect amount of sweetness next to the Ludo Slaw. The Ludo slaw was absolutely delicious! It had a nice fresh flavor and acidity to it. This helped to balance out the fried goodness. The long line (Sorry dear husband) was definitely worth the wait for this amazing chicken and slaw. I can not wait to try out what else their menu has to offer.

I saw Waffles de Liege the second that we walked into the event. I wanted to run towards it, but I figured walking briskly might look a little bit more lady like. We ordered two Original Liege Waffles, each with a different set of toppings. This was probably one of the more difficult decisions of the day.

My Dad ordered his waffle topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Chocolate and Caramel sauce. The waffle had such a wonderful texture and flavor to it. You get a bit of crisp and chewiness in each bite.

I chose to have my waffle topped with Speculoos and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. I am normally not a Vanilla ice cream kind of girl, but this Vanilla Bean ice cream was so tasty. They use Fosselman's Hand-Made Ice Cream, which is made with out preservatives. Okay, so let me get back to the Speculoos. What is that you might ask? Don't worry, I had to ask myself. Speculoos is actually a Belgian cookie which is ground up to make the spread. It is a Caramel ginger spread that is seriously out of this world. Nutella was on the menu as well, but sorry Nutella I might have found a bit of competition for you when it comes down to waffle toppings. Wow, I never thought that there would be a spread comparable to that Chocolatey hazelnut deliciousness.

The Miho Gastrotruck has been a food truck that has been on our list for awhile now. Their line was surprisingly short, which for the people that didn't try out this understated truck, they sure missed out. Sure the truck isn't as colorfully decorated as its fellow surrounding truck neighbors, but the food is of great quality.

We ordered their Bloody Mary Burger with a side of Flower Blossom Salad. This burger had so many incredible textures and flavors to it. It was a very well seasoned grass fed beef patty topped with Bloody Mary Catsup,  Blue cheese, and House pickled local wax pepper and green beans. All of this was tied together with a local Brioche bun. I loved the pickled Green Beans. I would never think to put that on a burger, but it made perfect sense. The salad was full of complex flavors, but at the same time was so light and fresh. The Flower Blossom salad is made up of local lavender, borage, squash blossoms, shaved local cucumber, and local mixed greens. Drizzled over the top is a local orange vinaigrette. The citrus and bright notes are  so perfect for summer. This was our second time seeing the Great Balls on tires food truck. This time we didn't get a chance to try it, but  we enjoyed a taste of their "balls' at the LA Street Food Fest.

The Nom Nom Truck. Let me tell you about a line. Unfortunately the long line wrapped around in a snake like coil didn't really seem to pleasing to me at the time. The sun was beating down on us, and the asphalt was practically burning through my sandals. I am sure that it is well worth the wait, but we will have to catch them next time.

Overall, it was a new and fun experience. Food Trucks have become all the rage lately, and you can definitely see why. I can honestly say that I have eaten better food out of a truck then some restaurants that I have been to. It's a shame that we didn't get to try more of the trucks that were there, but now that gives us more of a chance to chase them down. Another lovely day of Good bites and good times.